Friday, January 13, 2012

UCI Worlds - Heat races "Super Results for WN users"

At this level it only takes missing one pedal stroke. It's about who makes more precise strokes, plus some good skills, e.g. running, as was the case during the heat races. Each of the guys has had a ear full on the "how to pedal skills". I guess they each have learned a thing or two!

To be in the hunt for the worlds, you have to have a great "heat race" to get towards the front at the start!

What's cool about this is they are all different sizes and ages! No mass marketing fit here!

WN users have just done that at

Men 45-49 - Heat 2
1Erik Teck (Bel) Vreda Cycling Team0:26:14
2Ralf Warmuth (USA) Highland Park Hermes0:00:20
3Tim Butler (USA) Westendbikes / Specialized / WN0:00:25
4Gannon Myall (USA) California Giant Strawberry/Specialized0:00:31

Men 40-44 - Heat 2
1Brandon Dwight (USA) Boulder Cycle Sport0:23:40
2Pascal Bussieres (Can) Team Spirit Gth Cannondale0:00:05
3Brian Hludzinski (USA) Boulder Cycle Sport0:00:30
4Michael Wissink (USA) Specialized0:00:38
5Shawn Mitchell (USA) George'S / Vision One / Trp / WN0:00:43
Men 50-54 - Heat 1
1Kevin Hines (USA) Corner Cycle0:34:44
2Philip Roach (GBr) Rugby Velo0:01:34
3Wayne Simon (USA) Enzo'S/ Psimet0:03:51
4Geoffrey House (USA) Northampton Cycling Club0:03:53
5Todd Andersen (USA) Men Of Steel Racing0:04:04
6David Luczynski (USA) Spin Doctor Cyclewerks0:04:05
7Russell Thorstrom (USA) Team Ico / WN0:04:08

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