Sunday, January 22, 2012


The world is full of mysteries and that really holds true in the cycling business. There are a ton of fit ideas and gimmicks to track attention, the folks who use these gimmicks don't have a problem taking the money! Show time!

Have you ever had a car tuned? After being tunded, the car is not stock, is should provide more power, better mpg, etc.... But you better do your homework, there is a market that is more like a racket, buyer be aware, as you can degrade the car very quickly with the purchase of (ECU chips, exhaust, headers, injectors, etc...). So purchase all these things and it can have you loosing power from the stock, and causing wear and tear.

We are getting a lot of calls and emails about our science verses the many mass market systems even the high dollar jigs, systems, old school, guess work, working from the skin, and put on some sort of sizzle production. We just picked up a number of new dealers who have gone full circle on this topic. A costly path!

They let us know how much money they dropped and now have learned that the systems they have don't really make that much of a difference, i.e. tracking the hip is a huge issue as the bones are deep!

On the same note, after attending the many schools on fitting, these folks are starting to understand what the real science is. In many cases, so called cutting edge sizzle is not addressing the needs of (compression, shearing, and tension) that cause wear and tear.

Too bad for these fitters, as we have new tech and gadgets that will myth-bust! The new mathematical model will make a difference.

WN Precision intends to send shock waves through the very misleading movement industry. The future is upon us!

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