Saturday, January 07, 2012

Working guys get impressive results at Exergy Nat. Cyclocross

Impressive results from a couple of full time working guys. To break the top 10 in any sport is hard.

Tim Butler gets 6th in his age 45 -49.

Shawn Mitchell gets 8th in his age 40 - 44. "Shawn's battle report"

So today was the race I have been planning for all year in Madison, Wi. Well, the race I had planned for would be several inches of snow, so to have no snow and 32deg. With sunny skies was kind of a let down in regards to technicality. The prior days racing reached a high of 51deg. And was very muddy, so all of those mud ruts froze for my race making it very treacherous to ride. On one long section of course, the ruts we're almost unridable and I cracked my knee on my stem so hard I had to rub on it for two minutes before continuing my course preview.
I got a good warm up, layered well and waited for staging. Last years champ Peter Weber got the first call, then Branden Dwight, then myself, and the rest of names like Adam Myerson, Mark Savery, and so on. To be on the front row in a cross race is huge, so things were looking good to podium. The fun goes off and I gap the field by eight bike lengths taking the hole shot with ease. As we make the first right hand turn I started to cross cross the ruts, as that was the only way to ride that long section. Half way through it turns chaotic for everyone. I got stuck in a rut and got poped out the right side snapping a course post and tape, then getting tangled, scrambling to get back on course and seeing and hearing more posts and tape getting snapped all around me. The carnage in front and behind me was incredibly unsafe racing conditions. Side note; the next race, USA cycling moved the course over, bypassing the 500 meter unsafe section.
By the time I got rolling again I was in 12th position and moving up slowly. I consider myself as a very good technical rider, and todays conditions tested those skills. I found myself hitting the ground twice, and dabbing my foot down a dozen times catching myself from going down. I fought my way into 8th place at the finish, which should secure my front row starting position for next years race. My Specialized bikes with Ki2/Dura-Ace drivetrain, TRP brakes/levers, WN Precision, Challenge tires, and Ritchie components were flawless!
I am disappointed to not have podiumed after so much time, effort, and support I have received from so many of you.
I do have one more epic event, the Masters World Cyclocross Championships, next weekend in Louisville, KY. I hope to have better luck.

Thanks for all your support!

Great jobs guys.

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