Monday, September 05, 2011

WN Fast Eddie O'Dea - Nap time. He just rode for 48 hrs in the 350 mile Trans Nth GA

Eddie O'Dea was on the phone just before the race. He wanted to hear thoughts on pace, skills, etc...

It is not uncommon for people who really care about WN'ing performances to accept information on their pedal stroke and other useful skills. After all, most sports have coaches standing on the sidelines, like football games, baseball games, skiing, etc...

Have you noticed cycling is not known to have a coach on the side line yelling in their ear or calling plays? Training coaches are many and most never see the person they are training?

In the world of racing, the racer has enough to deal with... so it's very helpful to have someone to pay attention to a number of things that can make a difference... We have a long history of making a difference.

Thanks for you're ear Eddie. Nap time, or should we say coma!


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