Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sue Butler - takes 3rd at Star Crossed!

Star Crossed Podium

A very successful weekend!

I have to say, I was a bit scared to race this last weekend. The breathing issues in Vegas made me a bit apprehensive and my chest and throat were still feeling the effects. However, in the good Pacific Northwest air, I felt a bit better. And you have to start your season at some point.

Saturday's Star Crossed was definitely not the same. Not only was it not the first big race of my season , but it was not under the lights and not at Marymoor, it had a different feel.

A bit more calm. I welcomed that. I didn't start very well, but found myself in the initial selection soon enough when there were only four of us. Then it separated more and it was Caroline Mani and I together. She was cornering better than I, but I was powering the flats. I finished third and was pretty satisfied with my race. It was solid. A good start to the season.
Sunday I got my start back. I had a great start, getting the hole shot, but then happy to relinquish it to follow. Again, the selection was made after a lap, but Mical's fierce attack left Caroline and I together again. The second race of the first double weekend was tough. I didn't quite have enough staying power. I rode to a solid fourth, and although I missed the podium, I raced well. I felt it was a strong weekend to start the season off, transitioning to the efforts of cx.

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