Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Amanda Carey - NUE Champ for the 2X!

You never know what compels a person to do things, much less race 100 miles on a mtb course? No walk/race in the park, or even a 50 mile race, add another 50 to that and see if you can even pedal, much less at race pace. That's a lot of country to cover.

We have watched Amanda turn attention on WN'ing the NUE mtb series, turning up the heat for the last few years for anyone who cares to race her for a "never easy 100 mile mtb race." Very challenging, yet very rewarding job! You have to have the physical and mental, plus a bike fit that allows you to handle what comes forth and it will.

What more than we can say about the success of this gal! Racing is not easy, it really gets in your head and it will take its toll on the human body.

WN's 6 in a role and takes the National Ultra Endurance Series (NUE) for the 2nd year in a role! That's

You might say Amanda is top-notch, she has the how-to manual in her kit.

Congrats Amanda Carey - A very reputable name in the 100 mtb game!

Thanks for using WN as your source of bike fitting!

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