Saturday, May 07, 2011

Kevin & Conor Mullervy (2X Nat. Team Trial Champs)

Our IP has made a difference for many racers and for many years. In a day and time when its all about money and contracts, coaching v. coaching services we have learned that once we help people to improve their game, make it to the top, they can jump ship for whatever reason.

So from this day forward. We will have a statement on each CAD solution program, explaining that WN reserves the right to use our IP data as proof of use and hold the rights to do what we wish with it.

There is a problem, when you perform a fit, teach the user how to improve their pedal stoke and then they jump ship.

By the way, we have never paid anyone to use our WN CAD, or our teachings through our dealers. They do it because they want to get better and we have the history to back that up.
Below is yet another great story of the Mullervy twins. Good stuff!

Division II Men team time trial - 19.2 miles
1Mesa State College
‎2X National Team Trial National Champions!!! Hell ya!!!

If you think you are seeing two's, you are. It's the Mullervy twins and they just took their 2nd Nat. Team TT.

They are both WN Fast and they race for Mesa State, CO.

Congrats you two!

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