Saturday, May 07, 2011

Dirt Bag Dash GC - Shawn Mitchell

There is a new type of racing and we are making headlines. It's road racing on dirt roads. It requires speed and high skills... Any type of bike goes and the feedback has been great. Thanks to James Lang P.A. for putting forth the time/effort to make it happen!

It seems today, people don't give credit to people who make a difference. Take, take, take, see ya! There are many who go to great lengths to help the sport of cycling.

It only seems like the other day we set out to help riders get more from their game through science. We have had many dealer's here to train and then pass what we have learned with all.
You have no idea how many top names are in our data base. We have made a difference!

You have to start somewhere and we did in Idaho. Shawn Mitchell is one of the first mtb pros we worked with. In fact, Shawn was part of the 1'000 alpha testing we did for our R&D in mtb alone. He can still hold his own w/ some of the fastest in the land, even 20 years younger.

Why? Because Shawn is still teachable and he knows we are all learning each year. Shawn has watch us bring new science almost every year, doing everything we could to proof our case. Shawn knows we have worked long and hard to find a better pedal stroke, and we have, it has made a difference for many.

Many of the racers have no idea how much work as gone into our CAD fit services and teachings. It's nice to hear from those who know first hand know how much time, effort and money has gone into our services. I guess we have history with Shawn, he has watched us make a difference. He even pointed out that with USA Cycling you can earn 2.5 credits towards 4 credits needed for being a US coach.

Congrats Shawn and thank you for sticking with WN science.

Hi Tom,

Ever since I have been working with Tom Coleman and Wobble-Naught (WN) these past 16 years, it has helped me stay very competitive by helping me win over my younger competition. The science behind the fitting process is proven time and time again with my efforts and other athletes. - Shawn Mitchell

Thanks for helping me take the overall Dirt Bag Dash!

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