Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jill Damman WN's 12 Hours Mesa Verde mtb 114 mile

Jill did precisely what we wanted her to do (WN).

The mechanical power produced by the cyclist flows to the bicycle at the pedals. The direction of this flow makes a huge difference.

Not unlike hitting a golf ball, you can have a custom made tool, but you still have to learn the moves.

Looks like the time Jill spent here in Boise, ID at our R&D lab paid off for her! Someone even called her a stud on facebook? At no time was I aware of that! Ha! I just know we had her husband Andy running the cam in the back of the car filming her as we coached her on her game going up Bogus Basin Rd.

We found almost 5 to 6 mph by her listening!

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