Monday, April 04, 2011

Ultra Endurance 2011! A season to watch!

This is going to be a season to keep an eye on the gals who race ultra endurance, many of them long time users of WN i.e. Amanda Carey & Pua Mata, even Reba Rusch who are in our data base.

Some times you have to know what you want the glass to be! If you're running on empty, you want to fill it up!

Our world is very much "half-empty v. half-full."

I just fit a gal Sat., who dropped her boyfriend on their rides. The boyfriend was not happy about "being chicked" as the story goes, he shared that w/ his friends?

He also got dropped as her boyfriend! Smart gal!

In fact, many of these gals can hold pace with the men. Sorry guys, just fact!

Waiting for more details about Vision quest.

Vision Quest Results Top-10

1, Tinker Juarez (Cannondale) 5.10.42
2, Dana Weber (Trek) 5.13.32
3, Manny Prado (Sho-Air) 5.18.50
4, Doug Andrews 5.24.56
5, Nate Whitman 5.37.52
6, Oliver Hutchinson 5.41.04
7, Tim Zandbegan 5.41.20
8, Guy Sutton (Cal Coast) 5.49.48
9, Pua Mata WN female (Sho-Air) 5.53.18
10, Jason Rusnak 5.54.12

Official results aren't posted yet, but I think I came in 2nd to Pua. I got on the shuttle back to the start as soon as I could so I could bum some Tech-Nu off a fellow racer (Thanks, Guy!!!) and get into a very cold shower. However, I was sure to think about my day on the drive home. The most important thing many racers skip is the post-event personal debrief. Seriously, if we just took the time to think thorough just a few lessons we learned, write them down and remember them for next time, we'd be better off in the long run. This is one of my goals for this season. To truly learn and take to heart lessons from each race. Thankfully, Vision Quest was a GREAT start to reaching that goal this year! Amanda

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