Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Now the sales pitch is "Functional".

Functional fitting or training can be either very sport specific or simply general sport oriented.

Muscle systems are used to move our center of gravity (COG), maintain in balance, enhance performance, increase agility and minimize injury. You need to understand the different muscle systems and then how to properly affect those systems during early spring training. You might say this is true for any sport!

Remember, you don't have to get better! You don't have to find the smallest % of improvement!

Unfortunately the equipment that is available at your home, your gym doesn't train the body properly for our sport or any sport other than lifting weights. The same thing is true when stuck on a static trainer, as many who live in cold parts of the country. The reason is that the apparatus, such as an arm curl machine, utilizes benches, straps, rests or other things that immobilize the body. Real world trains the body different.

This home/gym immobilization may work well to bulk up certain muscle groups but it does very little to assist muscle systems to work together out in the real world, as they should naturally, to create balance, core strength and joint support, articulation and responsiveness.

We have watched many spend countless hours on the trainer. So being functional in a static trainer or using video, or legs to track you while in that equipment is not real. In fact, we are seeing a ton of folks getting sore, even hurt do to the poor tracking info! Great "sizzle" but bad in the real world. Money not well spent! Sad!

They have been sold that they are "Functional" and have the best bike info, that meets what is at only at best "general oriented".

How can you coach a person on how to use the tool, if you don't know how the tool is to best work?

Another way of saying, you can use all the sizzle in the world, a pretty golf swing, but if the club is not on the ball - it doesn't matter!

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