Friday, April 01, 2011

Behavior! Some have it! Some don't!

Animal behavior has a lot to do with genetic or hereditary basis that is controlled by an organism's DNA.

The anatomical aspects of both the nervous and endocrine systems are chiefly determined by genetic composition. The two systems are responsible for most of the behavioral pheneomena.

In general, an organisms's behavior is principally an expression of the capabilities of its nervous system, modified to various extents by its endocrine system.

Behavioral development is often influenced by experience. This modification of behavioral patterns through an organism's particular experiences is called learning.

For example, its spring, some birds transmit their species-specific song to their offspring solely by heredity, while others, must experience the singing of the song by others in order for them to acquire the song!

Both inheritence & learning are therefore fundamental in the determination of behavioral patterns. No question, inheritance determines the limits w/in which a pattern can be modified.

In higher developed animals such as man, there are fewer purely inherited limits, permitting learning to play a significant role in determining behavior.

Yesterday was perhaps the first really nice day of 2011. There where many out on the roads!
You want to social, so you look at them and wave! Then you see someone up the road, as you reel them in, you note the cycling behavior. This time of year, white legs, white arms really stand out! You can see them from afar!

OK! That explains what I saw yesterday on my out & back. As in golf, don't watch the moves of others when they are playing, or watch the 80% of skiers who do care, it will drive you mad!

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