Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Pua Sawicki & Jeremiah Bishop are the fastest in So-CAL

A note from Ron Sawicki.

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Pua was excited to be racing one of her favorite courses just outside of San Diego on the Boarder of the US and Mexico.

She wanted to use this race to get ready for the upcoming Pro-XCT in Fontana, so she didn't take off time training before the race and even trained hard in the rain the day before. She also chose not to pre-ride the course so that she could just stay focused on her regiment.

The day of the race the sun came out and it was a perfect day to ride. Pua had some competition in the female field but the larger and stronger pro-male field would be the ones to battle on this day. With the likes of Sid Taberlay, Jeremiah Bishop, Manual Prado and all of the fastest men in So-CAL this was a serious male field.

The Pro-men (32 riders) went out one minute ahead of the women and Pua was able to catch the main pack well before the top of the first climb. After reaching the top of the hill she had already put about 2 minutes on the closest female and was well into the middle of the men's field.

Due to the the rain the pro field had to do the lower loop twice, Pua's first time around was conservative but once she new the course better she put down a faster second lap putting her well ahead of any female competitors and 14th overall in the pro-male field.

Some of the pro-men were asking what we were feeding her as they came into the feed zone behind her.

Attached are some pics from the race, we shot video on our VholR Contour HD cameras and will be editing the footage for a fun look at what happened. We will send out the links to that in a few days!

Below is a shot from the race, she does not have her official race jersey yet but it is scheduled to arrive before the next big race.

Next race is US Cup #2 (Bonelli Park), near LA and this one will have some serious female competitors for Pua!

Please don't forget to help spread the word about the Pua Palace raffle, and help her on her quest! teammata.com for details.

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