Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Pro Scott MTB Team uses WN!

We just finished our meetings with with the world leader in a certain science. The company holds advanced patented science developed by scientists from MIT, in Boston, MA. You should see all the patents on their wall! This should slow down the copy cats as we have become partners in our quest. To bring you better science in cycling. A major issues is the fitting systems are doing a great job of marketing, but still only using guess work.

After 10 years, we know first hand how many copy cats just follow and not lead, we have watched many get into the cycling fitting game with all types of things. We started in 1999 and where the first to use CAD for fitting (when they said we couldn't) first to use Noraxon sEMG to really find the muscles firing patterns, Bringing Dartfish into the game (when they said we couldn't), and other high tech. So here we go again and we are very sure many of our rivals are going to start barking on this one! The game just changed again!

The science as part of our fitting process will have numerous advantages over the video, guessing about your fit, led tracking and the use of lasers!

If a picture is worth a thousand words... then what we are bringing to the game is worth a million data points!

We don't tell you, rather we show you the facts!

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