Friday, March 05, 2010

Kenda Camp in Macon, GA ready for Tour Taiwan!

Andreu experience as a real pro helps the

growing Kenda-Geargrinders

The whole team was fitted and that took a lot of man hours. We had the science and they love it.

"We have all these bells and whistles including riding a lot," Andreu said. "We have a lot things to be able to help the riders. We wanted to give all these things, (WN) to the rider so that they have the tools to be able to race well."

Mr. Andreu informed us that everyone one expect one team member loves it! The only oner person who's choice was not to use our fit could not even ride due to his knees hurting so much and his back was very messed up!

We know why, but choice not to press the issue!

Mr. Andreu said "after watching WN being performed on the whole team that he now understands how much goes into our science. This is not smoke, rather the most accurate measuring process he has ever see. And he has seen them all.

The team brought in a series of new riders Luca Damiani, Philip Gaimon, Chad Hartley, Jonny Sundt, Nick Waite, Stefano Barberi, Nick Keough, Rob Bush, Jim Stemper and Jonny Parish and Chris Monteleone. Returning riders include Jake Rytlewski, Scottie Weiss and Chad Burdzilauskas.

"Chad already had commitments to a good amount of riders so my hands were tied a little bit with that," Andreu said. "At the same time, I say my hands were tied but they weren't really because they were good riders. We have a good group of sprinters, climbers and guys who can hold their own to compete with the other teams. We are ready to start racing."

One rider that Andreu expressed enthusiasm over was Jonny Sundt, who was a long-time member of the Kelly Benefit Strategies team. Andreu gave Sundt a captain role to help guide the team in its quest to earn results at the National Racing Calendar.

"He's been around for a long time and he has always shown leadership roles," Andreu said. "He is also aggressive when he races and that's important for our team because our guys love to attack so, he fits into that role."

Italian rider, Luca Damiani made it to the final day and his WN solution was performed at 9:45pm, March 4th. He rode the next day and really like how he had power and was very conformable.

The bottom line, WN provides total solutions. We have worked with the team for 6 years now!

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