Friday, May 01, 2009

Tinker makes Germany MTB Magazine!

Tinker’s on a magazine cover!

Tinker makes the cover of Germany’s top Mountain Bike Magazine!


Ripping trail on the Scalpel in South Africa!

Cohutta 100

Jeremiah Bishop checks in after his 1st 100 mile race of the season…

Saturday was the kick off of the National Ultra Endurance 100 series in the Piney Mountains of Tennessee on the border of Georgia. The race started at the whitewater facility of the 1996 Olympics.

100 off road miles with major climbs totaling 12,000+ feet, combined with a tough field of racers, made for a great challenge.

 My training had not fully readied me for a 100-mile race at this point in the season, but I was really excited for the challenge of a new race and my first big challenge of the year for ultra endurance racing.

 At the start, a lead group was established when Chris Eatough set a blistering pace on the first 10 miles of single track. That separated the contenders out of the main field. Chris Beck, Jeff Schalk, Chris Eatough, Mike Simonson, Josh Tostado, Sam Koerber, Chris Peariso and I made the cut.

 Jeff Schalk attacked as the rest of us pulled into the second aid station to look for our bags. I chased and closed the gap down after 10 minutes. After an epic battle with Jeff (last year’s series winner) for the better part of six hours, I experienced some cramps on the last climb. I rallied to finish just a half a percent off the pace and netted second place in my first 100-mile race of the year in 6:25! Not shabby.

The contrast between competing in the 20-min short track at Sea Otter last Sunday and racing just six days later for six and a half hours is amazing! 


 I’m looking forward to continuing the upward trajectory of my fitness now that things are settling into a great groove here at home.  



Nice green dress!

Jeremiah’s new ride…

 Short track and Marathon National Champion, Jeremiah Bishop is getting a new bike to defend the titles…  The crew in Conneticut and Bedford, PA take pride in their work and produce some gorgeous bikes.



Don’t even think about asking your local Cannondale dealer for an anodized red Lefty, these babies are custom!

But you can get the same WN & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish service!

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