Monday, May 11, 2009

Bishop #1 in Mud, Mud, Mud!

Mud, Mud, Mud and more Mud at Dirt, Sweat, Gears!  

Fayetteville, Tennessee, USA, May 9, 2009

It is also a place where men & women get equal pay for their labor!

As soon as the race started both J. Bishop & Pua Sawicki shot off the front!  At the same time the stroms hit with full force and all the mud dicided to jump on all the bikes!  No one escaped from the mud and many where shut down in their tracks!  Some unable to even lift them from the tracks!

For J. Bishop, Cannondale's lefty seemed to work in the heavy mud!  He shot out from the gun and put a gap he kept for the rest of the race.  One less fork to catch the mud!  We understand from WN dealer in GA., Eddie O'Dea that bikes where hitting between 70 to 100 lbs and you could not even roll them!  Wow! 

This caused many to throw in the towel, rather go find one to wipe the mud from their eyes, ears and any other port the mud filled!  Since many dropped out?  We asked Eddie what his take was for people dropping out!  Smart!

J. Bishop on the race "Worst mud he'd ever raced in".  More push a bike than ride a bike, about 4f hours of pushing per lap!  Many DNF's, the bikes where too heavy from the mud to even carry!  Only a few could ride a little under half the course!

As many of you about sport, you might be on one team one year and then another the next. We all have to pay the bills.  You might know that we worked with with Rebecca  Rusch through two 24 hour world's and now she is on the Specialized kit/contract and we know how contracts can read!

We know very well how she can survive most things, she was a international professional ultra endurance athlete, going on now for about 10 years.  Adventure is her middle name!

We have a pic of her!  She can even raise her arms after 12 hours of pushing mud with a bike! Her shoulders are black & blue from hauling it (the bike)! She is one determined gal, and she also has the upper body to push her personal limits. 


Solo Pro Open Men 
1 Jeremiah Bishop (Mona Vie/Cannondale)  WN & Myo-facts  4 laps 
2 Harlan Price (Independent Fabrications)          4 
3 Andy Applegate         WN & Myo-facts            4
4 Brandon Draugelis                                
2 5 Josh Tostado
Solo Pro Open Female  
1 Rebecca Rusch (strongest upper body on a gal we have ever see).
2 Rebecca Tomaszewski WN & Myo-facts
3 Pua Sawicki       WN & Myo-facts

Duo Pro/Open  
1 Outspokin Bicycles/Fisher 29er Crew(Sam Koerbet WN & Myo-facts) 5 laps 
2 Terrapin Racing Duo 1                            4 
3 Union College                                    4 

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hey tom...rebecca tomaszewski (2nd solo women' pro) is also riding the WN fit ! a2