Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Pua gearing up for shorter races! Takes Spring Challenge in CA.

There have been many books and fit systems and ideas to come forth since we started.  Out on                                   
course those ideas on the subject are tested and then the next race tested again!  That's the
nature of the sport.

Most of the racers have coaches or trainers working with them on their game.  No question,
coaches want to take ownership of the people they get their money from each month,or work
with them for free to build their name to get people to pay them each month,and we understand
that.  You don't need conflict! We just focus and make a living by making people faster and rider
longer!  However it is good to have support on training, etc...

If you understand how to make someone faster, you know how to set the bike up that allow them
get ahead of the pack. That is all we do and that is what we have spent many years on the
Cycling has many different types of games and you can't use a road bike, mass marketing
system for mtb. People like Pua and other top pros use us for their fitting source because they
don't care to be slower and run in the pack, they want to go faster!  In their game its about being
faster! Is that not what a race is?  Who can go faster, not slower?  

We use to see that with the gals years ago on road, they would just look cool and ride in a pack
in very passive fashion. There where a few who would race away, one just took the win at the
Gila.It got so bad, that people didn't care to watch a pack of gals not race.  They lost a lot of
support for even having races for them when they would not race!

Mtb is like the tt, it's more a game of truth, you don't have a team to slow things down or work to
pull you!  You have to perform on your own and you want all you can get out of your body and

We are not in the coaching game, we just make people faster! 

However, many of our fitters are coaches and that is why they use our systems.  It helps them
make their people faster.  I think that is why people pay coaches each month, to go faster?  

7:56 AM (22 hours ago)
This Saturday was the Spring Challenge in Idyllwild, CA. The course is  30 miles with 4,305 ft of elevation gain with some of the best single track anywhere in the US. 

The pro men went off first followed 2 minutes later by a large group of open men and then 2 minutes to the pro women. Pua took the lead immediately catching the open men within minutes. Inside of the first hour she had worked her way through the open field into the top 15 pro men and already had a 7 minute gap on the closest female competitor. She road strong battling with the guys and ended up 11th in the pro men and winning the pro women's race by 22 minutes. Next is the 12 hours of Dirt Sweat & Gears in Tennessee.

Pua is learning to race the shorter races!  After all her focus in the past was 24 hour races. 

Pua Sawicki (Ellsworth) 2:40:47                 WN & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish
Alison Mann (Sho-Air/Specialized) 3:02:47
Sarah Kaufmen (Roaring Mouse) 3:04:55

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