Monday, December 08, 2008

USGP Final! Nash takes series, Gould 2nd!

They might be team mates, but some very real racing went on in Portland, OR at the USGP final.

Nash & Gould took on a very challenging mud course and Nash picked the best lines, won the race and won the series.  When the race started they had the same points for the USGP series, so the game was set!  

Nash got the lead and never looked back.  Gould did her all to reel her in in what might be viewed as a swamp, but Nash had about a 15-second lead.  Being up front in all that mud makes a difference.  A very tough race for the series.  Nash takes the USGP series over Gould by a matter of 15 seconds.  Now that's a  racing to the wire!

On the last lap, Nash maintained her lead over 2 position Gould and then Sue Butler in thrid place.  Sue Butler claimed the SRAM most aggressive rider and her 1st podium appearance.
It was a great story for her racing at home.

Congrats to them all!

1. Nash
2. Gould 
3. Butler

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