Sunday, December 07, 2008

Aloha - USGP is on and its a good one!

Last night, I had a report from Sue Butler on her performance at the Portland Cup while at Sea/Tac airport.   I am headed to Waikiki for work for the week.

I sit looking south from the 22nd floor of my host, viewing the ocean and will be meeting w/ Luna pro 08 EXTERRA series champ Shonny Vanlandinham for a midday show we are doing together for Dec 7, Pearl Harbor Day.    

Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish is here for the week, and have almost every hour of every day booked with people coming to get their bikes dialed.  They have some very real mts., here (5 miles of steep) and its from beach up.  A good fit makes a huge difference and we even have people who have had the fit before wanting their new bikes dialed.

If you have ever had our solution, you want all your bikes dialed by the CAD!  And people are learning, that a road bike fit is not a tt, or a tri, mtb, or a cyclocross, they are all different.  We are not some basic fit system, and the folks who have use us in the past "know this".  That is why they keep coming back!

Correction, I seem to being going to clubs and performing fits "A LOT' i.e. Tenneck, NJ just a few weeks ago! As I look out again to the ocean, if your ship doesn't come to you, swim to it!  Ha!

Back to the report.  From what Sue Butler reported, Luna's Katerina Nash & Georgia Gould went one-two in the first round.  She said she did not have the best start and in this sport that can mean the difference.  But, was very happy with what we had her focus on for the race!

Katerina won, Gould took second and still is the USGP series leader.  She like Sue had a slow start, but made ground with strong attacks. 

We wished we could be there for it all, but on the other hand, the temps nice!

Its going to be a good race Sunday!  Best to all the racers for putting on a good show!


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