Monday, December 15, 2008

US Cyclocross Championships

Kansas City, Missouri.

Katie Compton  takes here fifth consecutive championship in below freezing temps and a very dry course.  Speed is key.  Our friend at Thomson LLC, David P, the guys who make the stems and seatpost and I where on the phone about the needs of XC, pointed out that Katie uses Thomson stems/seatpost, we know why, they make the best seatpost & stem for the quickest input you can have in rough off road use.  No lag time here, the bike becomes super quick and part of your body and you don't waste time with any movement (deflection).  So, if you want better handling and speed for off road get Thomson.  

We have informed shops  and their buyers of their products for many years, but they have their own ideas or deals!  It might be noted that Katie buys her gear!  Hum?  There is no better seatpost or stem for the off road, where you need quick moves.

Super results for Georgia Gould, as she gets a silver.  We spoke to Andy Applegate about the course, he has been to the race many year.  Andy noted the temperatures dropped and many struggled to stay warm. Katie Compton pointed out that Georgia was riding strong and she goes hard from the gun and hopes that she makes no mistakes.  A good start makes a difference. 

Overall, Georgia was pleased to move higher on the podium, as this will help prepare her for world championships in Europe.  It looks like a lot of Americans are going to be over across the pond.

A crash in the 2nd turn took Sue Butler down.  Sue pointed out that she was willing to just follow Georgia, as Georgia intended to start slow about 5 spots back.  That put Sue in the pack where the crash took her down.  The window of racing is short.  As she said, that was a hard one to learn.  In this game you have to get a good hole shot and you can't follow.  Sue also intends on heading to Europe.  

Most of the gals are friends, as Compton was happy that Gould is headed to Europe this year. They will give the Europeans a race for their money.


1. Katie Compton
2. Georgia Gould  (Luna) WN & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish
3. Rachel Lloyd
4. Laura Van Gilder
5. Amy Dombroski
6. Maureen Bruno Roy
7. Meredith Miller
8. Deidre Winfield
9. Sue Butler  (Monavie Cannandale) WN & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish  after a hard crash!
10. Kelli Emmett

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