Monday, August 06, 2007

Jeremiah Bishop (Trek/VW) takes Wilderness 101!

Wilderness 101
State College, Pennsylvania, USA, August 4, 2007


Jeremiah Bishop (Trek / VW) had a blazing fast victory at the Wilderness 101. If you have not been back east, you might be amazed how steep and twisty some of the roads are.

Bishop, fresh off last weekend's NMBS cross country win in Sugar Mt. NC, held off last year's NUE series winner, Harlan Price (Independent Fabrication), by just under six minutes in the 100 mile race.

Jeremiah looks to be back in form and finished in 6:52:07. Long-time endurance racer Tinker Juarez (Cannondale), Brandon Draugelis (Bear Naked Cannondale), and Sam Koerber (Pro Bikes), the brother of pro racer, Willow Koerber from Brevard, NC(Subaru / Gary Fisher), rounded out the top five.

I was just in Brevard, NC to attend the passing of my father, Thomas L. Coleman Sr. Brevard, North Carolina is where I grew up and I had not been there in 32 years. The town is not the same, but the steep mountains and rain remain! Ha! When it rains there, the streets look like streams and rivers! To keep from killing my shoes,I removed my leather Keen's and walked bare-footed in 3 inche deep water on the sidewalk to our car. "Tarheels". Brevard is known as "The land of waterfalls", from all the streams and the sky!

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