Sunday, August 12, 2007

Jeremiah Bishop takes 2nd at Finals, Ends Season 3rd!

Again, what can we say about the results our pro men and women are showing? We can say that your fit can make or break your season. Only over the course of some time can one show what is possibly the very best fit. We call this a "TREND!" We can't claim anything, neither can the other fitting systems. However, we can go to the end of an all-out mountain bike war and show who is at the top!

Having results and success shows that Wobble-naught CAD and Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish really makes a difference. There are a lot of ideas on how a bike should be set up. We take our ideas to the race and show the difference it makes over and over! We speak the truth, which is all we can do!

We have racers who experience our fit, and later they change it due to outside pressure and ideas. We have seen past US Champions pressured to do something different, they are looking for something more. This makes us sad after all the work we have done, only for them to fall short of their dreams.

Congratulations to all the racers who stayed with our CAD fit. You just had your best season to date! You know that the fit makes a difference! Results speak loud and clear!

Kabush thus claimed his third victory in the series, beating Horgan-Kobelski 900-832. Bishop wound up third with Wells and Barry Wicks (Kona-Les Gets) rounding out the podium.

2007 National Mountain Bike Series Finals
Cross country

1. Geoff Kabush (Can), Maxxis, 1:38:20
2. Jeremiah Bishop, Trek-Volkswagen, 1:38:21
3. Adam Craig, Giant, 1:40:50

Want to make a difference in your performance.
Use our CAD and your game will never be the same!!!

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