Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wobble-naught's Essence!

To do well in anything, the key is discipline, to have a Fail-Safe sequence that allows you to repeat it again and again!

We are approached by professionals who say we need to add this or that to our fit. Why? We have not changed our sequence since the beginning back in 1999. We stick to our blue-print each and every time!

The essence of any discipline is a sequence that you have to do the same over and over. You can't change it!

If you keep trying to improve it by changing things all the time (e.g. using the fitter's mind), it would be art, each one being slightly different!

Our CAD allows you to commit to the conclusion! This allows you a better chance to make the very best pedal stroke, even if you pedal 5,000 times per hour!

There is no better fitting discipline!

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