Monday, July 30, 2007

Krisitn Armstrong "Victory", Yellow and Polka Dots In Altoona.

VanGilder takes finale; Armstrong takes the overall.

Kristin Armstrong (TEAm Lipton) nailed down her victory of the yellow and polka dot jerseys for the second consecutive season, ahead of a very tough adversary, US national champion Mara Abbott (Webcor-Builder's). TEAm Lipton continued their podium super success with Kori Seehafer's third place.

Armstrong said: "Last night when we had our team meeting we had to decide whether we wanted to just protect the yellow jersey or if we wanted to go out there and race our bikes," Armstrong said while reflecting on the sunset year for her Olympic focused team. "We wanted to end this year and this season tough, to just have a really strong ending to a really great team."

"We raced aggressive all week to get the yellow jersey and so we didn't want to just sit in today. I think the terrain here can be really intimidating but everyone continued to race not only with strength but by being smart. So women's cycling seems to be moving in a good direction."

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