Monday, July 23, 2007

Jenn Halladay, Mom of 5 Takes Wells Fargo Crit!

The Wells Fargo Twilight Crit just had its 21st running in downtown Boise, ID. The event always sees thousands of spectators in a party atmosphere. It is one of Boise's signature sporting and social events.

Idahoans show their best at the biggest race of the year. It's always nice to ride in front of a home crowd!
There was more than $20,000 in prize money, with money for every lap. Chris Berry who just started racing this year, at age 40, came in and got a Wobble-naught fit for both his road and new P3 TT. He won every crit in his Cat 3/Masters that he has raced. Tonight was no different!

In the women's pro race, strong teams were represented. We had Boise's Olympian, Kristin Armstrong TEAm Lipton, World Camp TT racing with no teammates and #1 Laura Van Gilder, top NCR crit points leader, with two teammates, one of them being from Boise. Kristin won the event last year, as she rode away from the field. This year Jenn took the show!

Jenn Halladay, Team Tamarack, is 35 years old and the mother of five children, came to talk to me Friday before the race. Jenn has used our Wobble-naught fit and the Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish and has been a good student! 2007 has had her best season to date! I took time to inform her of a few things, as well as some moves that might help to make a difference. It worked, as she out-sprinted and even lapped the field solo! A field of the very best racers in the world!

I also just talked to Kristin Saturday morning about how I thought Jenn's riding was very strong and how she might consider talking to her, seeing Kristin had no TEAmmates. I suspected the two would be a good match for the three Cheerwine racers.

Jenn went off the front and never looked back until the winner's circle. She out-sprinted everyone for the cash, including Armstrong and LauraVan Gilder. She used the plan we had talked about to ride away and lap the field to win!

Defending champion Kristin Armstrong used an impressive sprint on the final lap to push ahead of five other racers, taking a 2nd. The 2004 Olympian, who is fresh off another national championship in the time trial, will head to Pennsylvania for a stage race today. (Monday July 23rd)

In the end we had the top three placements: Jenn Halladay first place winner; Kristin Armstrong 2nd; and Sandborne from Portland, over the likes of Laura Van Gilder and teammates!

In the men's field, we had 103 pro men! The top guns from around the land came. Teams like A&F, and Toyota-United with Ivan Domiguez, who took first-place for $4,000 cash. Speeds hit 45 mph. Cuban Domiguez now lives in Los Angeles, and said he was impressed with the race. It was his first time racing in Idaho, and his first time to see 20,000+ fans come out for the event.

Our local guy, Remi McManus, and a long time user of Wobble-naught and Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish, took 5th. Remi was 2001's U.S.A. Road Champion. Remi out-sprinted many to hang with the six-strung Toyota-United train. A very good showing in his home town.

Mark Hekman, Rich Haper, and Marco (Team A&F0, did well until Harper flatted at towards the end of the race, leaving Hekman to take 7th, maintaining his overall NCR #1 rank. The Toyota-United guys are super fast and they had there whole team here.

This was a world-class race, with action, drama, and fast paced thrills, from the first to the last race!

Wobble-naught had many in the winner's circle! Racers won in all events, except the pro mens, where Remi had a good showing placing 5th.

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