Thursday, May 31, 2007

"Seamus McGrath" gets fit at Herriott Sports Performance.

Herriott Sports Performance has it going on! They have a PhD. PT who knows science and how our system works! They are fitting some of the hottest pro's around.

To check out who is on their front page click here:

There are critics around every bend in the road, and in every town. That is all they can do. Don't buy into the trash talk! The very best racers want the Wobble-naught fit!

See a dealer if you really want to take your game to another level!

Fit: 4620
Fit Placed On: 4/19/2007 2:28:25 PMStatus: Paid
Fit Name: Seamus McGrath Gender: MFit Type: mtb
Total Paid: $0.00 Height: 5' 9" Weight: 140 lbs.
Account: Herriott Sports Performance

trochtofloor = 924mm rtankle = 75mm ankleknee = 400mm baseknee = 86mm kneetotroch = 454mm neutral = 275mm trochtowall = 141mm crest = 250mm acrelax = 669mm acup = 702mm acdown = 631mm actoac = 391mm actoelbow = 335mm knuckle = 362mm shoulder = 1020mm top_tube = 570mm seat_tube = 570mm sangle = 73.5 degrees crank = 175mm ltsesamoid = 125mm rtsesamoid = 128mm ltcenter = 45mm rtcenter = 40mm ltheel = 169mm rtheel = 175mm

FIT Computations: Faster!!!

Thank you for using the Wobble-naught® system for fitting your bike. Some of you will have made drastic adjustments to your bike. It may take you several months to fully adjust to the new fit. Give your body time to adjust to the fit before you try to your get peak performance, otherwise you might hurt yourself.

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