Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Reba Rusch/Team Bjurfors holding on to 3rd at Worlds!

Team Bjurfors doing well in the cold highlands of Scottland! After going without sleep, and being bone-cold and wet, there is a good chance for them to see the "Loch Ness Moster"

There's a series of neat photos of Team Bjurfors in the "Transition 3 & Loch Ness" Gallery on (, starting with a very wet and cold looking shot of Team Bjurfors paddling past Urqhart Castle.
Then keep clicking the "next" arrow to view pictures 3 through 7 as well as 13.

Stage 5, Leki Nordic Walking (TA4 to TA5 via CPs 16-18) with new poles provided by Leki, Sweet. Wonder if the athletes get to keep them. Leaving TA4 to start the Nordic Walking, it was...

1st - Wilsa Helly Hensen (#9) left at 9:05 am Tuesday
2nd - Nike (#1) left at 10:32 am
3rd - BJURFORS (#13) left at 11:11 (only lead team that didn't sleep at TA3)
4th - Orion Health (#16) left at 11:45
5th - Balance Vector (#2) left at 12:58
6th - Buff/Coolmax (#5) left about 14:00

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