Thursday, May 17, 2007

USA Cycling Standings!

There are many ideas on what should be, but we just let the results be the end-all.
First of all, not everyone gets to be #1, which is sad! This is a hard game! So we have many who are in the top ranks, and they are super people on and off the course!

Men Indivdual Standings: #1 Nat Ross, Gary Fisher Ultra Endurance
Women Individual Standings: #1 Rebecca Rush Red Bull, Ultra Endurance
UCI TT: # Kristin Armstrong TEAm Lipton
MTB NORBA: #1 Georgia Gould, Luna

Congrats to the number 1's! We are very proud to have had the chance to know them and support them! Hats off to the others that are in the top of their game.

What's in your game!

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