Thursday, March 08, 2007

Shimano Rep - Alex Gardner can use any fit!

Alex Gardner can pull off some of the best pedal strokes you can ask for on his bike!
He is also a student of XC Skiing, which requires the same level of focus!

Why is this? First Alex has been an student of both of these sports for years, and backed up what his techniques do on snow, mtb & road, tt. For the most part, Alex would put a bit of time on the fields of mtb & road because he cared about technique. That also means you need to have the correct bike setup, in order to get the technique. No question, the foot pedal system is huge.

Alex founded the Boise Stars when Remi McManus won the U.S. Road Championships in 2001. Both of them still use Wobble-naught CAD and Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish to get it right. Alex is a rep, traveling the North West retail stores, and he came to us to get both his bikes fine-tuned. I asked, "Why us?" And he said, "It's the science." No one is doing the science like we do!

I had Alex fit Shimano's new 2007 NanoTec R300 Thermo-form shoes for me. They have a hollow channel architecture to reduce weight. He formed them just like we did our ski boots years ago. It's nice to see the industry catching on to the high-tech. It has only taken a few hurdred years! We still fight the many myths! Ha! Do they work? Yes! The interface of foot and pedal is almost there! I used the Sole footbed within the shoe. I have my reasons. Talk about power, or lowering the lag time! When you jump on the stroke, you go!

Alex & Remi are still students of technique, training, equipment, and racing. They both love using the latest research, putting it into actual methods of improvement.
Both have, for the most part, stayed injury-free through the years.

A sport is very cool, when you can improve year after year. You only get faster!

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