Friday, March 30, 2007

Georgia Gould has Power and can Drag Race on Dirt "Sand" in AZ!

Pan Am champion Georgia Gould (Luna Chix) knows what we are doing, and that is why she was able to put 20 seconds in front of teammate Katerina Nash in the women's race.

Georgia needed her new bikes fitted for 2007, so we had Nat Ross, (a Wobble-naught fitter in Golden, CO), fit her bikes only last Monday of this week. Nat used his laser and made a smart move, suggesting that Georgia take her laser fitted seatpost and saddle, marked with her, to help her get her race bikes in AZ. Just so!

After interacting with Shonny Vandlandingham that same week, it seems Luna Chix had different handlebars over last year. It was pointed out that the difference in sweep was about 10mm. This was a concern! The correct choices where made, (our blue-print helps you to do that).

The results are there for the first race. Nat Ross, our Wobble-naught dealer, knows how to fit a person to their bike with the correct sag, etc... It should be pointed out that Nat is the King of 24-hour racing and knows how important getting the bike dialed in is.

We are very pleased to work with both Georgia Gould and Nat Ross, along with many other pros. We feel that they are both professionals in their mtb fiields.

We feel that anyone who is willing to learn can be a winner! We also understand how much these folks put forth and we understand that we are only one spoke within the wheel. Our hats go off for all the pros who listen and use our systems.

We are all students of the sport!

Elite Women:

1. Georgia Gould (Luna Chix) 22.47
2. Katerina Nash (Luna Chix) 0.20
3. Jenna Zander (Cannondale) 0.49
4. Kelli Emmit (Giant) 0.52
5. Jennifer Smith (Trek) 0.53

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