Sunday, March 11, 2007

Georgia Gould wins Pan American Continental MTB Championships!

Georgia Gould finds gold in Argentian!

Georgia has been on the WN fit for a number of years now, and it seems to be working for her! She called me just before leaving for the race in Argentian. She needed some info sent for her new bikes. I asked her if she had been working on her stroke, and she said, "Every time I go out and ride!" Ha! She does her homework!

Georgia has used our fit for a few years now and her muscles and tendons are accustomed to it. She works very hard on her pedal stroke!

She knows her position and how the bike is going to react; it becomes like second nature. However, the foots range of motion always needs working on, even if it seems strange at first.

In the elite women's race, Georgia had a winning time of 1:56:46 over 4 laps of a 6-K circuit. McConnleoug finished 2:06 off Georgia's pace and Koerber finished 4:51 back. Irmiger was 5:26 down.

Pan American Continental Mountain Bike Championships - CC
Argentina, March 09-11, 2007

Elite Women
1. Georgia Gould (USA) 1.56 Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish
2. Mary McConneloug (USA) 2.06
3. Willow Koerber (USA) 4.51
4. Heather Irmiger (USA) 5.26
5. Francisca Campos Salas (Chi) 5.46
DNS Shonny Vanlandingham (USA) Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish.
Shonny Vanlandingham (Durango, Colo./Luna), the U.S. National Team's fifth participant in the elite women's race, did not start due to sickness.

Georgia knows what' in her game!

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