Sunday, December 17, 2006

US Cyclo-cross Nationals - Gould 2nd!

We just got off the phone w/ Georgia Gould. She pointed out that she was not feeling her best even before the race, perhaps the trip or nerves? She did give it her best, as she shot off the front in a effort to take the lead at the US Cyclo-cross Nationals, but Compton got a few seconds on her and that is how it ended.

Compton had to keep it together as Georgia was w/in striking distance if Compton made a mistake. What more can you ask, sometimes you have "good legs/bad legs."

A big year! Georgia has made a name for herself this season! At the start of the season, the 26-year-old was happy to just be around experienced riders. Impressive finishes to take second in USGP overall & second at US Cyclo-cross Nationals after her NORBA XC Championship.

Keep an eye on her next year!

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