Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Two American Female Cyclists of the Year are in our data base!

2006 VeloNews Awards: North American Female Cyclists of the Year.

Two of the North American Female Cyclists of the Year in 2006 are in our Wobble-naught data base. They are Kristin Armstrong & Sarah Hammer.

VeloNews had to choose a North American Female Cyclist of the Year in a season when Kristin Armstrong, Sarah Hammer and Jill Kintner all won world championships? The answer is, they didn't. Instead, VeloNews chose to honor all three for their remarkable accomplishments and brought them together in November for a photo shoot.

Go to www.velonews.com to see!

We have fitted so many and you never know who will step up and take the title of World Champion in their respected game. One thing we do know, for the cyclist interested in performance, good bike fit is paramount.

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