Friday, December 29, 2006

Oscar Pereiro & Alejandro Valverde " 2006 UCI ProTour winner" honing-in their tt positions using EMG!

Some dream, some guess, some watch others and wish they could? When the worlds best pros are "letting-go" using real science to unfold more muscle turths! Not claims or a sizing tool! Since 2000, we have been using sEMG to show you better truths. Noraxon USA has worked w/ us since our start. We are "Rocket Science", NASA used our sEMG in space!

The pros are now learning that a powermeter only tells them the sum of the work, not what muscles are doing what!

In 2001, we only had 5 National Championships. This past year we had over 25 National Championships? In this industry, given all the mass marketing, media, coaching, etc..., it has taken 6 years to get the word out about using your muscles? Talk about a plum-line/death grip on the world?

Here it is almost 2007 and the cycling world is just starting to learn what makes a difference! Much better than the drugs!!! Learning how to fire your muscles is key. The UCI ProTour winner is using EMG because it works! He has moved his saddle to get the most of his muscles.

Sure that brand new state of the art $,$$$ bike looks good, but it will not inform you on how to pedal!

You don't have to be 2006 UCI Protour winner to learn the "The Truth." Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish makes a difference in your game. What's in your game, a plum-line? Good luck!!!

Caisse d'Epargne-Illes Balears riders Oscar Pereiro & Alejandro Valverde are preparing for the 2007 season by honing-in their tt positions using EMG. The Spaniards know the importance of tt in grand tour races; Pereiro bravely fought to keep his yellow jersey in the 2006 Tour de France during the final individual test on the penultimate day and Valverde used his abilities to hold on to 2nd in the 2006 Vuelta a EspaƱa.

In only the last few days, at Miguel Indurain Velodrome in Tafalla (near Pamplona, Spain), the two riders were working with positioning guru, Italian Alessandro Mariano, and technicians from the team's bike supplier, Pinarello. Valverde, 26, travelled to Italy last winter to work with Mariano on his positioning and in the past year he has steadily improved.

"Its work, but it is also useful for raising psychological levels," explained the 2006 ProTour champion to La Gazzetta dello Sport. "Up until the end of last year I was afraid of time trialing. I know that we are working very well and now I feel strong also in these [TT] races."

Instead of a wind tunnel, Mariano is using the velodrome combined with electromyography (EMG), to verify muscle work, and a "spinal mouse," an instrument that measures the vertebras' shape and mobility. This work, combined with improvements from Pinarello technicians, could help the Spaniards hold their own in the tt and go on to win the 2007 Tour overall, which this year includes 117 TT kilometres.

Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish will be ready for our dealers in Jan 07!

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