Sunday, August 20, 2006

U.S. National Criterium Championships

From the start the race was quick and hard, a breakaway with Lauren Franges (Victory Brewing) and Laura Van Gilder (TEAm Lipton) went off the front for multiple laps. It was up to teams like Colavita-Cooking Light to do the work and take up the chase which took quite a bit of energy from all.

After pulling back the leading pair, the race settled until a prime launched what should have be the final selection late in the race, with all of the major teams represented, including TEAm Lipton with Kori Seehafer, an Aaron's and Colavita-Cooking Light rider and Victory Brewing's Rachel Heal.

As what happens so often, the riders could not agree on working togethere after a couple of laps and the field was able to keep them in sight. "I tried a few moves to motivate them," said TEAm Lipton Seehafer. "Rachel worked a little but the other two were sitting on and didn't try to work. When I saw the peloton I jumped inside on Heal to try to stay near the front of the field when they caught us."

So, on the final turn it was Victory Brewing's and Mackenzie Dickie (Aaron's Corporate Furnishings) battling to the line. "I got on Blickem's wheel for the final lap and she dropped me off in third place going into the last two turns," said Dickey. "I was behind a Victory and TEAm Lipton girl. I came out of the last turn even with the TEAm Litpon girl and once I straightened out I just went for the line."

Three of the top five, 3rd, 4th, and 5th know our fit.


1 Mackenzie Dickie (Aaron's Corporate Furnishings)
2 Shannon Hutchinson-Krupat (Aaron's Corporate Furnishings)
3 Kori Seehafer (TEAm Liton)
4 Nicky Wangsgard (Colorado Premier Training / Colnago)
5 Lara Kroepsch (TEAm Lipton)

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