Monday, August 28, 2006

Does weight make a difference?

If you have some very steep hills you will find out.

"It's been a long and hard experience to figure out how to show the pedal stroke that makes a difference, through a truthful situation, we can show you what the pedal stroke is all about."

It took us years and a lot of effort to put a model together which shows perhaps the best stroke. It still takes a big effort but we wouldn't have it any other way because the passioin we have for the game only makes the reward that much better.

You never know who our Dartfish HD has been used on? If you want a model of the best pedal stroke, this is it. This is a shot of Norway's 4 time World Champion, super-star Gunn-Rita. Our Dartfish was used on her to unveil her pedal stroke at Sea Otter.
Even when she warms up her legs go so fast that you can't see what she is doing w/o the aid of the Dartfish. A picture tells a thousand stories. In this case, a thousands degrees of truth!!!

Note that she doesn't use the newer disc brakes that are on the market, so many do on the pro tour. Do you think they impact your game? What does extra weight do on really steep hills? Go and look at some of the uphill climbs the best in the world had to contend w/ in New Zealand. This is real climbing where every ounce counts.

According to her private PT from Germany, it is because the disc brakes are a bit heavy.

Perhaps that has something to do w/ the way she can race up the hill? But just like Tiger Woods, she and her support group think of everything. They have spent much time training in CO, and much time working on her pedal stroke. Afterall that is her job. That attention to details shows in her performance and success.

Her husband shared w/ us how much time she has spent getting it right. Too bad for many who just go ride. Slowing down and doing perfect practice will come out during the game. What basketball team doesn't spend time on the skills?

Gunn-Rita has one of the best pedal strokes we have viewed. We use it as a model for others to better understand. It is almost perfect at all points of the pedaling phase. She gets on the stroke early and stays on it longer. And her upstroke is the correct angle it needs to be!!! I bet if she played golf, she would be getting more distance than the field using her driver.

She told us that she has spent months just working on her stroke. Not just going out and riding. Not unlike a golfer who heads to the practice tee, the rider should slow down and work on the perfect "pedal stroke." Perfect practice is!

Georgia Gould got a very respectable 20th against the worlds best mtb racers and on a mountain goat type of course.

Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish can show you the turth and the results are the ending statement!!!

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