Thursday, August 24, 2006

Georgia Gould & The True "Luna Build."

Its always funny how the press always talks about the product and gives them most of the credit, how their tool makes such a huge difference. The bike doesn't even come close to all the parts of a human motor.

By just looking at a picture of a bike doesn't tell you how to stack-the- bones of a "Georgia Gould." The picture of a bike only shows you the tool and its parts.

When viewing the picture of the bike, you have no idea why the saddle is set at a certain height behind the bottom bracket, how much sag one needs, given their upper body weight, nor what angle to set the handlebars for the best of all worlds, what placement of the cleats for the best ankling, nor where to best place to the controls for the lighting fast needs like a "Gun Fighter" etc...

You can look at a picture of any golf club, snow ski, tennis racket, all you want, they are only a tool. It shows you what the hard parts are made of and not how they work. The true build is the human mind and their control of their human muscles.

Georgia Gould knows what makes a difference. She has worked very hard through the years, working to perfect her game. It is the little things that are very hard to obtain. She spent over 6 hours on the Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish viewing her muscles, learning which one does what. Learning the correct angles for the most use of her total body. She has also been on the Wobble-naught fit for most of her racing life. She was winning 24 hour races last year. She has "True Grit."

She has put in her time, effort & hard work! She is smart and open to learning. Georgia is the kind of person who makes life come to them by her hard work. She has earned it! That is what makes the difference.

Check out what Cycling News has to say about "her" bike.

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