Monday, June 27, 2011

Team Exergy - WN's Manhattan Beach, 3rd at Canadian Road Championships 2011

The fastest people in the world are in our data base...
Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery!
Both Carlos & Ben make their marks.
Congratulations to Carlos Alzate of Team Exergy on his high-speed victory in today's 50th edition of the Manhattan Beach GP!

Canadian Nats

Result 1David Veilleux (Team Europcar)22 pts
2Derrick St. John (Ride With Rendall)21
3 Benjamin Chaddock (Team Exergy)20
4Zachery Garland (Team H&R Block)12
5Zachary Bell (Team Spidertech Powered By C10)8
6Will Routley (Team Spidertech Powered By C10)7
7Pierrick Naud (Rocky Mountain Desjardins Vale)4
8Bradley Clifford (Team H&R Block)3
9Antoine Duschesne (Equipe Du Quebec)3
10Arnaud Papillon (Equipe Du Quebec)2
11Dustin Macburnie (Team H&R Block)2
12Gavriel Epstein (Chipotle Development Team)2
13Chris Gruber (Kallisto/Wheels Of Bloor)1 14Aaron Schooler (Team H&R Block)1
15Simon Lambert-Lemay (Team Spidertech Powered By C10)1
16Ed Veal (Jet Fuel Coffee/La Bicicletta)1

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