Tuesday, March 01, 2011

When can you become too aero?

The person who crosses the line first wins the race! That means you need to turn the legs over.

After years in the ski industry, wind tunnels, etc... we knew that its important to be able to move the legs. We learned the precise range of motion needed at speed. If you can't move your legs because you are too aero you stand a good chance of being in the woods! Being more aero was not always faster! A saddle that is too low, turns off the legs!

A read from www.velonews.com

He had a nice position before and he was not keen to change it. I said, ‘Alberto, I have an idea on how I think we can do better, we can just go back if it doesn’t work,’” Riis told the Danish paper. “So I moved him around a bit and he improved 1.75 seconds per kilometer. Such things helped to open him.”

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