Tuesday, March 08, 2011

To Be WN Fast "To Be or Not To be"

In running & jogging, the walking pattern is modified slightly by adding a phase of nonsupport.
In running the foot is estimated to about 3 times the body weight.

In running as walking, the movements of the leg & foot follow a sequence. At a certain phase the rearfoot is positioned in a slight inversion before heel contact; followed by slight plantar-flexion motion as the forefoot moves to the ground.

Many times there deformities. For example excessive pronation during gait. Meaning excessive foot mobility, which can increase the stresses to structures and fascial.

Now think of cycling, it is not total weight bearing. You heel never makes contact with the pedal. Think of your bike shoe, excessive foot mobility causes increased stresses to structures and fascial. Even when semi-weight bearing upon a saddle, excessive foot mobility can cause issues through the whole human linked chain.

Its like bad parts on the front of your car. You will wear out!

You better get your toe in & toe out plus the yaw right.

Having a pretty pedal stroke will not make a difference if you
can't put the foot where it needs to be!

The lower leg might seem easy to understand, but it's not. Get a fit and we will teach you how to best transfer through all phases of the pedal stroke.

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