Tuesday, December 14, 2010

WN "M-mega, W - watts) For Exergy - a $500m, 183MW company knows power!

WN has been a choice of power producing watts for top USA Pro Teams for years.

To WN, its takes mega (very large) watts (the SI unit of power) or Horse Power or better "Horse Sense"

It's only fitting that a $500m leading high-tech energy power company knows a few things about mega watts!

You bet "Exergy" knows where the power (WN) is, most systems can't see it, they don't even know how to harness it, they only know 1/2 the picture!


GE: imagination at work

You might say WN is a power company, we have been making watts for pro teams for many years. The list is long i.e. 7UP/Nurta Fig, Diet Rite, A&F, TEAm Lipton, LUNA, Kenda, Monavie/Cannondale to name a few.

It gets hard to understand what a pro team is? There are many levels. UCI Pro, Continental Pro, clubs who think they are pro. But the truth is there are only so many recognized by UCI, and now "EXERGY" a Boise, ID based road team is one!

Exergy had a outstanding "freshmen" 2009 season. You earn your rank in this world and they did, and we provided the pedaling science that helped make a difference.

We are proud to say, we don't pay the teams to use our science like many of the larger coaching services & cycling industry.

USA Cycling announced 10 teams registered as UCI Continental Teams in the United States for the 2011 racing season.

These 10 Continental Teams are in addition to the 4 US-based UCI Pro Teams announced last week (Garmin Cervelo, Team RadioShack, HTC-Highroad, and BMC Racing Team) and 2 Professional Continental Teams (Team Type 1 and UnitedHealthcare), meaning the US will be home to 16 professional men's teams recognized by cycling's international governing body in 2011.

US-based UCI Continental Teams for 2011 include:

  1. Team Exergy WN
  2. Bissell Pro Cycling Team,
  3. Jamis/Sutter Home,
  4. Jelly Belly Cycling Team presented by Kenda,
  5. Kelly Benefit Strategies,
  6. Kenda Pro Cycling presented by Geargrinder,
  7. RealCyclist.com,
  8. Slipstream Sports,
  9. Trek Livestrong U23 Team,
  10. Wonderful Pistachios.

GE, Atlantic Power and Exergy’s Idaho wind project breaks ground

25 August 2010

Construction on the largest wind power project in the US state of Idaho, financed by General Electric (GE), Atlantic Power and Exergy Development Group, has broken ground eight miles from the Oregon Trail.

The 183MW project comprises 11 wind farms with a total of 122 wind turbines spread across 10,000 acres of farmland in the southern Idaho Magic Valley.

GE Energy Financial Services, Atlantic Power and project developer Exergy own non-managing member equity interests in $500m Idaho wind project, while Reunion Power holds the managing member equity interest and serves as the project’s manager.

Exergy has spent five years on the conceptualisation, planning and development of the project.

As it is predominantly a migration route forming part of the Oregon Trail in the 19th century, the valley is becoming a critical renewable energy corridor in the 21st century, according to state Governor C L Butch Otter.

The wind energy project, which was initiated by Exergy Development Group and slated for completion by the end of the year, is expected to create 175 construction jobs as well as permanent employment for operations and maintenance.

‘The renewable energy industry is breathing new life into the Idaho frontier,’ said Otter.

‘We’re aggressively harnessing our abundant natural resources for growth because that helps our economy, generating not only electricity but career opportunities right here at home.’

All the power from the wind farms will be sold to Idaho Power Company under 20-year agreements and when it is completed, the portfolio is expected to qualify for the federal treasury grant programme designed to stimulate renewable energy projects.

GE Energy Financial Services president and CEO Alex Urquhart said, ‘We are concerned that such projects will become increasingly difficult without imminent passage of federal clean energy legislation.

‘A federal incentive backing this project, the treasury grant, is expiring at year’s end. Extending that programme and other federal incentives would provide the long-term certainty that investors and manufacturers such as GE need to ensure continued expansion of renewable energy throughout the country.’

The project will use GE’s 1.5MW turbines, the parts of which are currently in the process of being delivered and installed.

James Carkulis, president and CEO of Exergy, said, ‘We wanted from the outset to make the right kind of difference in the lives of the people who live here, and we take great pride in our corporate responsibility, sensitivity to the local environment, and promotion of traditional Idaho and community values.’

Lisa Grow, Idaho Power’s senior vice president of power supply, added, ‘We started with hydroelectric power and, through diligent planning, have expanded into the next generation of alternative energy sources, from this new wind project to solar, geothermal and biomass.

‘Our balanced generation portfolio is not only the environmentally responsible way of doing business but ensures we can offer our customers some of the lowest rates in the nation while providing reliable energy services.’

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