Sunday, June 27, 2010

Georgia Gould extends her lead in Pro-XCT Series!

We got the news early today by one of our new fitters in Wisconsin "Cody Gunst". He texted a pic of Georgia riding away from what is known as "Trekville". Trek is made in Wisconsin. Cody was just here for a week of training to become a new dealer. Ask him why he uses WN over all the other ideas and he will respond with "IT WORKS", he had it done and knows the difference it can make in your cycling.

Perhaps that is why so many pros use our setups. It simply allows you to get everything out of your body!

US Pro XCT #4: WORS Subaru Cup, Mt. Morris, Wisconsin, United States,

Gould has extended her lead in U.S.A. Cycling’s Pro-XCT Series. The series finals will be held in Colorado Springs on July 10.

Almost a 2 minute lead!



1Georgia Gould (WN Luna Pro Team)
2Willow Koerber (Subaru-Trek)
3Heather Irmiger (Subaru-Trek)
4Amanda Sin (3 Rox Racing)
5Katie Compton (Planet Bike)
6Kelli Emmett (Giant)

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