Monday, April 12, 2010

WN is proven again! Amanda Carey "Kills It" in Idaho.

Physical performance is related to body composition and its mass. The mass means weight and the resultant forces in contact with the human & bike.

For example, for one of our many pro's, we found the raw pressure (mmHg) of her sit bones on a saddle that is too wide, while pedaling up on the bike. This was a real issue! Not one saddle that her saddle company had provided her worked? She had 6 different saddles to review.

Amanda Carey (Kenda mtb pro), a WN pro form eastern Idaho just “killed it” this past weekend at a windy Wild Rockies race here in Idaho. She is one of the many pro’s that use WN real time science to find more truth!

Funny how much trash talk there is about our engineering principles to biologic systems!

Our rival’s claim that we are only a static fit system. They really live in the dark ages, they don’t understand internal and external forces and the effects of these forces, nor do they know our CAD system and how it works.

They don’t agree with our biomechanics - a quantitative and qualitative approach of human movement. We don't know what school they attended?

Do they understand kinesiology, the science of anatomy and of its structure of the body and how it is applied to anatomy. Or do they just buy some systems that provide some form of fitting and sizzle?

In most cases, the ego, the eyes, or the video, or even a led system 'where the led move with the skin' cant measure or see forces under the feet, the top of a saddle, or the pressure on your hands.

Our largest rival said to our face that fitting would never make it? They said the same thing when we used sEMG to better understand the muscles, it’s firing, and it’s elasticity energy and contributions to movement. Even when we won the biggest races going!

The same rival now has for the most part copied our fit system's in some shape or form. Research and copy is their "MO". But they don't understand our CAD!

Our pro’s love the fact that so much guess work, hype, and marketing occurs across the land.

After 10 years, being the first CAD online software, at least the people are starting to understand that fit is important. It's just too bad that they spend big bucks and are still being fitted by a plump line and perhaps added video. It is an improvement over the dark ages that lasted far too long in the bike game.

It lessens the player’s in the game!

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