Thursday, April 22, 2010

WN has moved back to "Hyde Park" Boise, ID

Wobble-naught LLC 10 years of Results!

Science is a systematic attempt to establish theories to explain observed phenomena and the knowledge obtained through these efforts. Our efforts are based on (biomechanics, kinesiology, CAD, sEMG, clinical anatomy, pathologic anatomy, physiology of sport, compression mapping) and just countless hours, months, and years of hard work & effort to "myth-bust" and find the very best application of human & bike for the game you wish to play!

One successful season after season in road, tt, tri, track, mtb, and more!
Our CAD is programed for the game you wish to play!
We have always used a systematic, ordered approach to the gathering of real data and the solving of problems related to your cycling needs. The conclusions are drawn from years of successful seasons, starting from the ground up, a very small local elite team "Boise Stars" took national road championships even when our rivals proclaimed they could not!

We based our R&D on up to date scientific information! Not just research and copy what someone put in a book that is 20 plus years old. That is only to repeat history?

In the last decade cycling has changed enormously due to high-tech software and sport science.
From day one, we spent huge amounts of money to find more truth i.e. Noraxon sEMG, Dartfish, Lasers, force sesnors, etc... and more to show you what is rather than tell you!

We always spend our $$$ on having the very best high-tech vs. the marketing hype and older-tech!
Spirit, determination, and guts or heroism will only take you so far!

It's impossible to ignore the power of "new knowledge."

So you might say we have history, we never stop our commitment for development. We have roots and we started in "Hyde Park", the North End of Boise, ID.

WN is happy to announce that it has moved back to
"Hyde Park" the Nth End of Boise, ID.

Come see our new science:

Joyride Cycles

1306 Alturas
Boise, ID 83702
Philip Vega: owner
208 947-0017

There is no better fitting process and we have the history to back it up!

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