Sunday, December 06, 2009

Portland Stanley Cup, OR. Luna!

Luna's Nash Score wins in Portland

We're getting close to the climax of the 2009 domestic Cyclocross season. The USGP finals is into day 2 in Portland, Oregon, followed by the big dance in Bend, OR.

Portland is well known on USGP for mud. Not this time, the skies were clear and the ground was at best, slightly moist. Some riders even opted to ride gloveless, testament to the mild weather.

The depth of field is as complex as NCAA football. Who's should be playing for a BCS title in this year football.

In the elite women’s race, there was no obvious favorite during the first of 5 laps on the motor cross track. The only thing that was for sure, was Georgia Gould was not in the field. Georgia needed the rest and expect her to leave it all on the course in Bend, OR.

However her teammates where there! Former world mtb queen Alison Dunlap (Luna) took the hole shot. Canadian mtb champion Alison Sydor (Rocky Mountain-Maxxis) followed closely and would eventually score her best USGP finish of the year.

I am very sure Luna's Nash is getting ready to soak up this years season. She is worthy of the title, given so many victories. As the Luna team GM put it to me on the phone, when you race both XC & mtb it's a very long season. You are always going to have to prove you deserved it in this game.

Take Sue Butler from Portland, OR. Sue has had a season filled with disappointment. She started up on course, getting on the podium. Then she said she didn't have the legs. The doctors where thinking it was her low iron, really low. Then she finds out after a long season in the US and World Cup, that she has a lung problem that shuts her down. No O2, no go! When she is healthy, she's on her game, she's on our fit and she is on the podium just like Georgia Gould.

That holds true in our fitting service game! Someone is gunning for you, they're meaning to gun you down every year, every weekend, take over your pasture! You better have thick skin, nerves of steel, as you approach the OK Corral! They want your cattle and will use every trick in the book to get steal them!

Big company Fit system pushed into the retail store 'our way or the highway", newcomer private coach, LED claims that move with the skin, websites, etc... In fact there are whole teams attempting to win the on-going battles in the war bike fitting.

Until it's a done deal, you always wonder if you are doing the correct things. It's a 'roller-coaster' of emotions at the elite level. We can only say that we have about 35,000 fits and we used the same method with the very best science made to find what you need for your game. And boy howdy, there are a lot of different plays for the many different games (road, mtb, tri, tt, touring, xc, etc...).

We have built a compelling case. Through ten years we have won and dominated in competition within many of the games. We have been perfect in past seasons, now what? Next year and for years to come!

We have a rich history of dumping every penny into doing the R&D and bringing you the smallest % gain. We discover it and the others copy. We have led and we have faith in the future of our system(s). We are on the edge of bringing something that is, once again going to refine and change the game.

Stay tune! It's coming!

Is that not what you want in a service? We are in the game every season and we are getting ready to bring a newer science to the game in 2010, to dominate again in performance, comfort, and provide more useful truth that leads to more enjoyment of cycling.

We don't push one cycling brand or even have a contract for someone to promote one brand. We don't feel that one style fits all. You can't believe how that works. Just because a company is paying you to race, using their stuff, doesn't mean they are!

USGP Stanley Portland Cup – Day 1

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Top Ten Women:

1. Katerina Nash (Luna Chix)
2. Amy Dombroski (Schlamm p/b Clement & Primus Mootry)
3. Alison Sydor (Maxxis/Rocky Mountain)
4. Meredith Miller (Cal Giant Berry Farms/Specialized)
5. Alison Dunlap (Luna Chix)
6. Kelli Emmett (Giant)
7. Sue Butler (Monavie-Cannondale)

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