Saturday, December 12, 2009

Georgia Gould not racing at Bend, OR

We think Georgia is dong the correct thing not attending the race in Bend, OR. Sure we love to see her race the best in the world, but she is very smart to take a break. Let's see how she does in mtb in 2010.

Sorry we only presented this the day before the race. Things have been very busy with the WN staff. We have been in a race for 7 days (3 business plans) or better putting forth 10 years of R&D and we are getting ready to bring forth even a higher level of truth!

We have always been a leader and bring the newer high-tech to the game.

The way we see it, it took 10 years to get the cycling industry up to speed. This was done by taking our ideas to the races and we have 10 years of success and at the highest levels in the world. The bike industry took note!!!

Now it is common ground that fitting is important and you can find a system in most areas and people use them and they help. Much better than throw a leg over and off you go.

There is a lot of same old, same old, just presented in a different marketing style i.e. fit cycles, coaches just eyeing it, etc...? It's not the cycle, rather the human body and they come in many shapes and sizes.

Just the other day, the top organizations said you can't do that and now they do it? Now the big two in the US have their own methods to push their products. Why did they have to step up to the plate? The reason, we where obtaining super results at the race track. They took note!

We still have Sue Butler at the race, let's see how you goes!

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