Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ladies & Gents "Start YOUR Engines" Cyclocross Night Races!

In NASCAR, "Short Track" at night is full of action. The same is true for cyclocross at night! At night you can see the track and the lines better, so you can carry more speed!

Night time battles in Washington this weekend!

FSA Star Crossed starts Saturday nigh under the lights of the Marymoor velodrome in Seattle, Wahsington. One of 5 weekends of the North American Cyclocross Trophy (NACT).

Its boisterous and full of action with a 360-degree view of the race. You get to watch the whole game for the whole race!
Its full of prizes for the racers to race.

The top men expected to start are: Jesse Anthony, Jamey Driscoll, Andy Jacques-Maynes, Jonathan Page, Christian Huele, Jonathan Baker and of course Trebon, Powers and Johnson.

The 2008 women’s Star Crossed saw Sue Butler (Monavie-Cannondale) light up the field from the gun. Wendy Simms hung tight throughout the race but she did not have the gas to get around Butler in the final lap.

Butler and Simms are expected to defend their titles this year but they will have their work cut out fending off Alison Dunlap (Luna), whom is fresh off of retirement. As her first race back as a professional rider, it will be a crapshoot whether or not Dunlap can rekindle what it takes to win races. But as we’ve seen with riders like Armstrong and Basso, the greats don’t come back unless they know they can compete at the top level.

Butler will also have to defend against three time mountain bike world champion Alison Sydor (Luna) and Helen Wyman (Kona), a two-time British national cyclocross champion.

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