Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jeff Louder (BMC) Good Form! Makes Scheldeprijs Break!

Jeff Louder is having his best season to date and carried his successful US campaign over to Europe Wednesday in the Scheldeprijs a one-day, super hard Belgian Classic. Jeff was the winner of last month's Redlands Classic and he made the four-man escape group that remained clear for almost 150 kilometres.

Louder had to work very hard to make the move of the day. He said he attacked several times in the beginning part of the race until the move of the day formed at about kilometre 53.

We have seen a lot of success from the WN & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish solution in the longer harder races e.g. 24 hours, race across something?  It makes sense, if your fit is correct, you have a better chance at the longer harder events!  That's a good test to say that one way works better than another!

"There aren't a lot of chances to go out and do 200 kilometres in the US at that kind of speed. I was fading in the end.

You always hear it and wonder how different is it across the pond?  "I thought if we get caught at 20 kilometres to go then I can keep  working. But later I thought, 'Wow, this [break] could actually make it.'"

When Louder realised there was a chance to stay away, he opted to saved his energy. "I felt really bad for the other three, but I had to sit on just because I was [taxed]. Fourth place is better than getting dropped and having those three win."

In most world level races its best to understand that the race is determined by the peloton bringing their sprinter's up at the end to drag race. Its part of the game plan for each team.  People going off the front is not the norm!

 Under the control of Quick Step and Saxo Bank the peloton caught Louder and Matthé Pronk (Vacansoleil) at kilometre 191. Lorenzo Bernucci (LPR Brakes-Farnese Vini) and Pavel Brutt (Katusha) battled on for another five kilometres.

One day Jeff is going to pull his breaks off. Louder on sizing up the race.  "That's definitely a bigger deal than Redlands - no live TV at Redlands!"  Just think if we had  the fan base here?

Allessandro Petacchi took his 1st win in Belgium by out-sprinting the competition.

He was also able to stay clear of the huge crash, in which took out many of the key sprinters.  Petacchi's team was reduced due to his teammate Lorenzo Bernucci being in the break with Louder, again was caught (ONLY) a few kilometers from the finish!  Sounds like the Amgen Tour of CA?

Jeff has been working with Craig Upton who provides our services in CA.

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