Sunday, April 19, 2009

Emily Batty (Trek) Sea Otter short track. Her Career-Best@

Trek’s young Emily Batty wins women’s short track, she is coming of age!

Emily is not new to us and we have watched her progress to the elite level using our CAD she has been. on Wobble-naught for years! She started using the fit under Steve Neal a WN dealer a few years ago.

Batty jumped with half a lap to go on a paved climb, and held her lead to the finish.

“I just felt like I had so much energy,” Batty said. “It will be a good opener for (the cross-country race) tomorrow.”

As with Pendrel and her teammate Georgia Gould, who finished fourth, Byberg had just traveled from the World Cup in South Africa the prior weekend. Next weekend she’s racing in Germany.

About midway through the race Byberg drilled it at the front of a group. For a time she was alone off the front with Gould. Then a lead group of five formed: Byberg, Gould, Pendrel, Irmiger and Batty.

Race winner Batty expected the short track to be a good opener for her legs ahead of Sunday’s cross-country event.

We where on the phone with her about her arm placements and it seems to have made a difference!


Elite men 
1 Todd Wells
2 Burry Stander 
3 Carl Decker 
4 Jeremiah Bishop WN & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish
5 Sam Schultz  
Elite women  
1 Emily Batty WN & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish
2 Lene Byberg   
3 Catharine Pendrel   
4 Heather Irmiger   
5 Georgia Gould WN & Myo-facts/Dartfish

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